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Yankee Boy Basin

Ouray County, Colorado

Yankee Boy Basin is a fairly easy trail that begins just south of Ouray Colorado. The trail leads up the base of Mt. Sneffels and the world famous Blue Lake. How it became famous I do not know, but we did pick up a hiker from San Francisco who came to Ouray just to shoot fotos of Blue Lake. The trail also leads up to the famous Camp Bird Mine that made owner Thomas Walsh a multi-millionaire. The trail has turn offs to Governor Basin and Imogene Pass that will be covered later on. The Coors company of Colorado, famous makers of beer use the image of Twin Falls on their cans and bottles.  During the spring, Yankee Boy Basin turns into a huge wild flower playground. The trail also offers many beautiful waterfalls that have to be photographed. Jeep corporation has also used the canyon for Jeep advertisements. As I have said before, use caution when driving these trails. They are not very forgiving to mistakes so explore aware!

Yankee Boy Basin Gallery