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Inspiration Point & Willard Peak

Box Elder County

Willard Peak is a fun little trail that gives you one hell of a view. You don't actually drive to the peak, you drive to what is called Inspiration Point. From there you can hike over to the peak itself or just gaze over Weber and Box Elder County on the west or Cache Valley to the northeast. In the beginning, the trail was a less maintained road that required a high clearance vehicle. Of late, the trail has been smoothed out and I have seen, oh how I hate to say it, minivans at the top. Usually when the trail is first opened, there will be pockets of snow and mud as you near the top. A day trip awards you with views like no other while a trip up at dusk provides an awesome view of the sunset looking west. To visit this trail, one must pass through the town of Mantua. Find Main Street and follow it south until it turns into Willard Peak Road. The trail has its share of blind corners and switchbacks so take it slow and easy. The area is popular with ATV riders so watch for them too. On my last trip up there, the trail was back to being good and rutted with lots of mud. I am hoping that the minivan visits are over. 

fotos from the top