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Vernal Utah and a 3 State Corner Marker

Uintah and Daggett Counties

Vernal Utah has a lot of adventure for everyone. Dinosaur National Park is located just outside of Vernal and offers up a look into the distant past. The visitors center shows interesting movies and information on the areas history. A second building shows actual dinosaur bones in their fossilized state. It is quite interesting to see so many bones in one location. 

Dinosaur National Park

Besides dinosaurs, the Vernal area is home to amazing Indian pictographs that are hundreds of years old. Many of these images are just a short drive away to see. Not all are marked for easy identification, so keep your eyes open.


The Jarvie Ranch is another interesting place to visit. Built in 1880, the ranch was also a store and supply base for those who traveled in the area. Historical claims say that several outlaws of the time visited and sometimes hid out on the property. The ranch is right on the Green River and offers some spectacular fishing. 

Jarvie Ranch

Utah is known for being one of four states touching each other at a common point. Utah also has a "3 corners" area too, located outside of the Vernal area in Daggett County. We weren't actually looking for this at the time and we stumbled upon it. This led to the idea that we needed to visit the other 3 out there. So far, this one is the most.......elaborate? 

3 corners area