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Today we went to visit the 2nd of 4 three corners areas of Utah.  On the Vernal page, you can see where we visited the Colorado, Wyoming and Utah border. We found that one on accident and it began a goal. Everyone goes to the 4 corners area, ok, except me. I have decided to visit the all 4 of the areas where Utah touches 2 other states. Today's trip took us into Wyoming to Cokeville where we took an old road just south of there into the mountains. The trail is marked by an arrow sign that points west and says monument. You have to open a gate for access, be sure to close it, and then head west into the hills. It is a fairly easy drive, most 2 wheel drive trucks or SUV'S can make it. The road is very rough though so pay attention and you will do just fine. One advantage the Jeep has was that where most vehicles would have to park and then walk up the hill, the Jeep went right up it no problem. Just don't go all the way to the top. There isn't a lot of room and turning around would be a bitch. The trail is steep. I mean really steep. I know most people don't really care about things like this but it is cool to me. How they did all this surveying before GPS amazes me. After reading the marker, it did say that some distance to the east, 7/10 of a mile to be exact, there is the original marker of the 42nd parallel placed there in 1871. There was no way I was walking down the mountain, to the east and trying to find it. Maybe someone else can do it for me. Yes, I am lazy and old. If you feel bored one day and want a fairly easy trip to see something most people will never see, this is it. 

Utah-Idaho-Wyoming fotos