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Sulphurdale, Utah

Beaver County

Located in northeastern Beaver county, Sulphurdale was a mining area of brimstone, or as they call it today, sulfur. In 1869, brimstone was in high demand. Various medicines were made using it as well as black powder. Full time mining began in 1883 when the Dickett & Myers Mining Company began working an open pit mine. The Millenial Star, a Mormon newspaper reported that the company was extracting 25 tons of ore a day with a 90% purity level. Like other large scale mines of the time, a town was soon formed complete with a hotel and store. Many company houses were built and the little town prospered. A s time went by, the owners spent money to double the production of sulfur. It was a failure. With that as well as the end of black powder, the town began to fade. The lifespan of Sulphurdale was longer than most. The official shut down occurred in 1965 when the owner died. For some time thereafter, a guard was stationed onsite at all times. My visit to this area was in 1996 and there was no one present in the town. My visit was before I had really studied the area. We were down visiting Kimberly and Cove Fort and just happened to stumble onto Sulphurdale. This is the reason of only 4 fotos. It has been added to the visit list and hopefully I will be able to add more fotos in the near future. Be sure to visit Cove Fort while you are in the area. It is an old restored Mormon Fort that has tours and is quite interesting. 



I visited Sulphurdale today for an update and was very surprised at what I found. The land has been leased by ENEL Green Power. Apparently they are generating geo-thermal electricity at the site now. This being said, most of the buildings have been torn down. There was a number to call, so I did, and was told this was built 5 years ago. It appears to be very efficient due to the fact there is only 1 person there and it is running. Sad to say it, but I was too late again on updating this page. He did allow me to take some fotos of what they left up, which isn't much, but it will show you what the area has become. 

Sulphurdale 08/26/2019