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Shauntie, Utah

Beaver County

Shauntie Utah was formed in 1870 when miners entered the area and made some good discoveries. The area became a center point of the North and South Star mining districts. Long story short, the town boomed until 1877 when the ore dried up and everyone left. It had a sort of resurrection beginning in 1910 and living 10 more years before it was finished. Now, maps show Shauntie on top of a ridge. No roads go into the town itself. A road does go through the canyon at the bottom of the ridge and there are signs of some structures still. The terrain was steep, so I passed on hiking  up to where the GPS said the town was. In the history it also mentions several mines in the area: I found one. Needless to say, this wasn't a very productive ghost town hunt. 

Shauntie area