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Left & Right Hand Fork Roads

Cache County, Utah

The area east of Logan Utah offers many scenic and fun trails to follow. Entrance to these trails can be had by Logan Canyon via Right Hand fork and Temple Flats and through Blacksmith Fork canyon and Left Hand fork. It sounds complicated, but it's not. The area is closed to all traffic on November 15th and opens whenever the lady in charge of it feels the need to do so. She likes to wait til all the trails are dry or Memorial Day weekend. The trails range from "you can drive a Subaru"* to some fairly fun trails that get even funner when wet. This area is huge and many of the trails are interconnected. They are fairly busy on the weekend with a large crowd of ATV's going everywhere and anywhere. During the summer, the lack of any rain will make the trails very dusty so allow some space between you and other vehicles. The Temple Fork trail has been fixed so the Subaru crowd can visit Old Ephraim's grave. He was the last grizzly to be had in Utah. His legend led to a permanent marker near his grave site. The area offers plenty of room to play and enjoy yourself for an afternoon or a few days if you choose to camp out. 

fotos of the mountains east of Logan

*PS. If you are a Subaru driver, offence is intended. Buy yourself a Jeep if you really want to see woods!