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Republic of Zaqistan

Zaqistan (Box Elder County, Utah)

Hi and welcome to an off the wall trail in Box Elder County, Utah. Some years ago, a gentleman from New York bought some property on Ebay located way out in no mans land in Box Elder County. His goal, from how I interpret the story, was to create a sort of art work. I would guess, since I am not an expert, that it would fall under some form of abstract art. Who knows? I do know that his creation took the form of a country. His work created the Republic of Zaqistan, a country within a country. It has remained sort of a semi secret until of late where numerous periodicals picked up on the story and published it. USA Today as well as other papers ran it and brought it to light. As you read about it on Google, you will discover that it claims a 2 mile hike to reach it from the nearest trail. This is not true as we drove right up to the front gate and visited Zaqistan. 

It appears that others have also visited it of late. Some of these visitors decided to trash some of the guardian robots that keep order in the Republic. I find this wrong. Who gives anyone the right to damage others property. In my visits to the roads less traveled, I have noticed this trend. Nothing is sacred and all things are open season. People, we need to realize that some of these targets are expensive as well as irreplaceable. Places like Kelton and Terrace have cemetery's that have had the headstones trashed and broken. Why? What purpose does this serve? I am damn near 100% certain that these offenders wouldn't want their property trashed in such a manner, so why the hell do we do it to others? It makes  no sense. So, I am done preaching.

Now, if I read it right, you can actually email the President of Zaqistan and receive an official passport as well as instructions to getting there. We used a hint found on Google to find it today, as well as Google Maps. I will give you the hint, but that's all you will get from me. The address to Zaqistan is "old railroad grade road, Park Valley, Utah". If I can find it, you should be able to also. Some of the online fotos show a type of arch in the country. It was not there today so I wonder if it to was vandalized or destroyed. So, you can drive right up to the gate. There was no hiking involved except through the country itself. On a dry day, I would think any high clearance 2 wheel drive truck could make it there with ease. I wouldn't take a car because you will be hiking a ways to get there. If the trail is wet or snowy, I would say 4x4 only. The soil out there turns to grease really quick when wet so go prepared. Cell phone service is available over the northern mountain you cross to get to it. On the Zaqistan side, its a no go. So, good luck in your search for the Republic of Zaqistan. 

Republic of Zaqistan