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Raul Canyon and Indian Springs

Tooele County Utah

This is going to be another page that wont be completed today. I will add what I collected on the journey for now, then go back and re-do some parts. That said, let's begin.


The remote location Raul Canyon keeps it off the radar for the majority of ghost towners. Though not quite as far out as Death Canyon, the access isn't quite as good. We headed west from Highway 36 on the Pony Express Trail turn off and followed it to our first stop at Simpson Springs. Continuing west, you reach a sign that points south and says Indian Springs 5 miles. Head south and if you do drive 5 miles, you will miss the turn off. It took us driving up 2 wrong trails to finally hit the right one. Again, the GPS was sketchy on road locations and such so I am going to help you. The mouth of Raul Canyon lies at the following coordinates, 39°58'59.93"N & 112°45'22.36"W.* At this point, take the left fork of the trail and head up the canyon. For the first  part of the trip, the canyon is fairly easy and not too bad. I would recommend a true 4X4 for this trip because it gets fun the further up you go. What little historical info I found on the canyon and springs mentioned some mining and that the local Indians gathered there because of the water, which is hard to come by in this country. As the fotos show, there are some building remains left in the canyon but we did not see any mining remains. The GPS showed one mine in another canyon but nothing close to where we were. Again, another reason to return and do further exploration. The trail crosses the creek many times and there are actually some really good mud areas. The main reason for my return will be to refilm this part of the trail. I got the Galaxy to work again and for every other part of the trip it told the Sony to film and it did a great job. But, for some stupid ass reason, it did not  do this area. I am so disappointed. OK I am getting distracted so back to the trail. The first building we saw was the red rusted all metal building. The trail around it was full of mud and quite fun. About 1/3 mile you come to the concrete building and storage shed.  Just up from that on the right fork in the road you will find the wood cabin. This road dead ends further up so turn around there. At this point you can decide to take the left fork or go back down the way you came. We followed the left fork and this is where the trail got interesting. As I have said before, most trails are shrinking down to ATV size and this one has its spots. You wind your way up the canyon on a narrow trail that is off camber with a nice drop off to the bottom. Once you reach the top, you head on down a decent trail till you hit the bottom where the road follows another creek down this canyon. You again will cross this water many times and there are muddy spots to play in. Just don't hit the cows. We were honestly wondering where we were once we hit the flatland. We headed north and after a few miles hit the PET. The problem with first visits is always locating everything. I am sure we missed a ton of stuff on this trip. There are quite a few other trails that we could have also followed just to see where they went and what they led too. I think a return trip when the temp is cooler is going to happen. I was going to make this a video page like Dry Canyon but for now it will have to have a partial video showing what we did get. 

* coordinates are based on my GPS and should only be used as a guide.

Indian Springs


We returned to Indian Springs today on a spur of the moment, I am bored trip. I had figured that with it being so early in the season everything would be greener than it was last September. I was wrong. This winter was way to dry and the only real green area was in the mud field where the spring goes in all different directions. We did get some new fotos and discovered 2 mines nearby. We inspected the first one which turned out to be a tiny hole in the ground. The 2nd will have to be explored on the next trip out there. There was a slight accident leaving the 1st mine and we left the area and headed back for civilization. Note to self, update the first aid kit!

Round Two

05/05/2018: Another spur of the moment return to the area netted us these new fotos and more memories. This area will keep demanding more time to fully explore and discover what else is hiding out there. We counted 3 new mines and one tailings pile with no mine anywhere near it. It left us puzzled to say the least. 

Side Canyons from Indian Springs