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Providence Canyon, Utah

Cache County

Located east of the town itself, Providence Canyon is another misunderstood trail. When it is brought up in discussion among friends, everyone seems to say it is extremely difficult and I have even heard the word scary used. Again, this trail isn't that bad. There are some good sized rocks in the trail that will change position after a vehicle goes over that area, but none of them were "scary"! The worst spots on the trail are when an uneducated asshole does not follow trail etiquette and allow the vehicle coming up to go by them. There is a great example of this in the videos. That being said, this is a trail where you take your time and avoid the big rocks as  you climb the mountain. It is a dusty trail and there seems to be a lot of bugs in the area too. Once you reach the top, you have several options. You can go and climb Mount Logan which will be to the north of you. You can take the Mount Logan trail down and go out either Left or Right hand forks. Or you can head south and return to the valley via Millville Canyon. This is a great day trip with some fantastic scenery. If you do this trail, make sure you stop by the waterfall first. It really is a pretty one and its freakin wild to see it go into a box and disappear.  I am adding the coordinates for the trail again with no warranty. They are from my GPS so keep that in mind,

Valley reading where the trail begins   41°41'33.33" n   111°47'35.42" w

Top reading where it turns into a real trail   41°41'19.84" n  111°44'05.83" w