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Poughkeepsie Gulch

Ouray County, Colorado

Poughkeepsie Gulch is a moderate rated trail that branches off from the Engineer Pass trail coming up from Ouray. At the very beginning there is a very deep mud hole that is fun to play in. It is rather deep, so make sure you have someone to pull you out in case you fail to make it. The trail start around 9k feet and works its way up to 12k or so. the trail is fairly mild, following the the Uncomphgre River. The first , for lack of a better word, challenge is where the trail and the river almost merge. There are some taller rocks in this area and care should be taken so you don't mangle the undercarriage of your vehicle. After this there is a climb up a road made of rocks the is a wee bit steep. At the top of the trail, you can go strait and connect to Corkscrew or turn right and try your luck at the wall. The trail up to the wall is not difficult and gives you a small taste of whats to come. I must admit that I have made it to the wall a few times, but never conquered it. The main problem lies in the ground: it's always wet. I have watched many a wheeler attempt the wall fully locked, front and rear and not make it. Someday I would love to try it when it is dry. I think the success rate is higher on those days. I do have a video of our last trip there so I will try and post it when I get a chance. For now, you will have to  be satisfied with the fotos!

The trail to the Wall

Now we come to the fotos of the famous Poughkeepsie Gulch Wall.

The Poughkeepsie Gulch Wall

I didn't feel bad this day. My yellow Jeep was the least modified vehicle on the hill that day. We made it as far as the other highly modified Jeeps did so I was happy. Again, I will return someday and conquer the Hill.