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Kimberly Utah and the Paiute Trail 

Piute County

The Paiute trail located in central and southern Utah is a trail dedicated to the ATV rider. Towns located on or near the trail allow riders to ride into town and eat, refuel or hit the the local hotel without fear of getting a ticket. We took advantage of this when we visited the ghost town of Kimberly, Utah, just south of Richfield off of I-70. There are miles of trails to ride and plenty of things to see. We had sunny weather till the last day when it went from 75 to snow. The ghost town of Kimberly is conveniently located on the Paiute ATV trail. Gold was first discovered in 1888, but there wasn't a big rush. Things didn't take off until 1899 when the Bald Mountain mine was sold to Peter Kimberly who changed the name to the Annie Laurie mine. The mine prospered til 1905 when Peter Kimberly died. British firm took over the mine and basically ran it into the ground. They stopped paying wages in gold coins and switched to company script that was only good in the company store. The men said to hell with it and the firm filed for bankruptcy, shutting down all operations. A few stayed on as maintenance workers. In 1931, a new vein of ore was discovered and the mine came back to life til 1938 when it was closed for good. The majority of the buildings were taken down and moved to other locations. Supposedly the jail was moved to Utah's Lagoon Park. The road into the town was gated at our last visit so unless you want to hike in and see it, you wont see much at all. Since this ghost town is on the ATV trail its quite easy to find. I have visited the site twice and using my ATV was the best way to get around and see stuff. 

Kimberly, Utah