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Jeep Wrangler

Jeep: There's only 1

Back in 2007, Jeep did a major rework on the Wrangler. They made it wider and longer, which some people really hate, yet they turned it into the most capable Jeep ever built. It has civilized street manners but it can take on anything mother nature decides to throw at it. Gone is the wimpy 4 cylinder engine as well as the 4.0 6 cylinder. Under the hood now is a 3.8 mini-van motor with a few changes. Horsepower is a modest 200 , so they say, and it is better then the old 4 cylinder. My opinion is there has been nothing better than the 4.0 stock wise. In 2012, they changed to a 3.6 Penastar with 280 horsepower and I still believe the 4.0 was better. Though these are new and improved Jeeps, some of the improvements made them worse. No longer can you wash out the dash. Up until 1995, you could use your hose and spray the floor and the dash. Starting with the 97, that no longer is an option. On the 07 and up JK's, bad design in the clockspring allowed moisture to get into assembly and ruin it. As of this year, 2017, they have been recalled and had a new designed cover as well as the spring itself replaced to alleviate this problem. Other than that, the Jeep JK is an awesome off road machine. It goes places in 2wd that I had to use 4wd in my 95. And talk about after market support...... the JK has 1000's of gizmos available for an owner to purchase. Interestingly enough, a new model is due out for 2018. It is designated the JL and it looks pretty darn cool. There is no way in hell I can ever afford another one so I will just be happy in my own little world. 

Jeep improvements

As with most Jeeps, leaving them in their stock form is unacceptable. This already awesome base is just begging for even more improvements. We here have done some simple upgrades to help us in our exploration of the west. New larger Mickey Thompson ATZ's mated to Pro Comp steel wheels. Bounce is controlled using Rancho 5000 shocks on all four corners as well as a steering stabilizer. JKS Quik Disconnects on the front swaybar allow extra wheel travel. Of course, no build is complete without improving the sound system. Custom antennas from Firestik add a nice custom look to the front end. Like most Jeep projects, this one still has a long way to go. Will it ever be finished? I doubt it.