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Old Frisco town, Utah

Beaver County

With my visit of the Old Frisco area in August of 2019, I decided to split Frisco into 2 different pages. The first page will be fotos of the mine area while this page will contain fotos of the town and cemetery, both of which are still accessible. The town itself is quite rundown and not a lot of buildings are left standing. Being close to the road, I would imagine that it has suffered from locals borrowing timbers and other things once the town was truly vacant. One road through the town still has the ties left over from the rail service the town had. The town area also contains the infamous charcoal kilns now protected by a chain link fence. I really wish I could find a few good fotos of the town during its peak of life. It is real hard to imagine 6000 people living there with what is left behind. 

Frisco town site

The reputation Frisco had was that it was one wild western town with murders daily. Filled with saloons, gambling houses and brothels, the town saw plenty of lawlessness. Rumors state that the town had a wagon that picked up the dead bodies and transported them to the cemetery. A sheriff was brought in to clean up the town promising not to build a jail but to bury all lawbreakers. Legend says he killed 6 men the first night and the others soon left the town. Is any of it true? I honestly do not know. But, I do know this, the cemetery is full of headstones, but the majority of them are for children who did not live very long in the harsh conditions of the the area. The surviving headstones are scattered throughout the cemetery with no real sense of a pattern. As to how many actual people are buried there, I honestly believe no one knows. 

Frisco cemetery