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Nine Mile Canyon

The beginning

The whole point behind this last trip was our visit to the infamous Nine Mile Canyon. It has been called the largest art gallery on earth with well over 10,000  individual images of Native American art work. With this being said, our hopes were high on having a great time exploring all of these art works during this visit. The trip into the canyon was a very pleasant one. The temperature was right and for all we knew, we had the whole damn canyon to ourselves. Even tho it was a holiday weekend, we saw 1 car before 3pm. It don't get any better than that. Now I must plead stupidity for this leg of the trip due to the fact I forgot the damn map of the canyon and left it on the hotel room. Now, one would think that with this place being so popular that there would be places along the route to pick up a map. Wrong! There were brochure boxes at one site and they were as empty as empty could get. If you don't have the map, turn around and go get one. OK, that being said, we did not turn around but forged on into the canyon relying on the GPS and road signs. The first area you will hit coming in from Wellington is called First Site. There is a tiny sign pointing to it and a small pullout so you can walk over and explore the artwork of this area. Now just remember that Nine Mile Canyon is the name. It's like 46 miles in length and in all actuality, you will drive all 46 miles one way. First Site is at mile marker 26 so don't think you have missed anything due to the fact you have gone over 9 miles. 

First Site

The next stop in the canyon was at Cottonwood Glen Picnic Area. It is a little day use stop over with picnic tables and bathrooms along with some old farm buildings. There was no sign of water here so be sure you bring in plenty for your journey through the canyon

Cottonwood Glen

Continuing on west into the canyon you will come across many old farm building scattered along the way. Some of these are accessible while others are on private property. I must admit that the majority of old farms and even some of the artwork lie on private property. I am all for protecting ones livelihood but would it hurt to allow people an up close view of some of these old things? I would be willing to say that 99.8% of people would walk through the old building, take some fotos and move on. It's that .02% that wouldn't behave that ruin it for the rest of us.   

Old Farms and such

The next sites along the way which did not get foto-graphed were Balance Rock, private property and Granary Viewing. Neither had a sign, or if it did we missed it.  Balance Rock is at milepost 32 and the Granary is at almost 39. The next big area is what I would call the gran finale. Located at the Daddy Canyon Complex between MM44 and MM46 you will find the Fremont Village, Big Buffalo and the star of the show, Great Hunt. I am not gonna lie to you but we skipped the Fremont village and Big Buffalo. It was hot and I wasn't in the mood to hike. 

Daddy Canyon Complex and the Great Hunt

So that concludes the main part of Nine Mile Canyon. We did take a few side trails, but that's another story. Lets just say that the rumor of Samsung Galaxies catching on fire is true. Stay tuned for more exciting places to visit in the west!