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Newhouse, Utah

Beaver County

Located over the hill from Old Frisco, Newhouse was a vast mining community too. Founded on the discovery of the Cactus Mine in 1870, the town grew quickly on the east side of the Wah Wah Valley. Newhouse struggled for almost 30 years until Salt Lake business man Samuel Newhouse bought the property. Newhouse made his money financing the Bingham Canyon Mine a few years previously.  With the financial backing of Newhouse, the Cactus mine took off and began making money. The town built many permanent structures and Newhouse ruled his domain. Drinking was not allowed in the town and the only bar was a mile out from the town property itself. The town had a library, hotel and a hospital as well as a restaurant and dance hall. 


By 1910, the boom had ended and the town was slowly going away. Many of the buildings were moved east to Milford Utah including the dance hall. The remaining building, a cafe, stayed in business till 1921 serving the remaining miners until it burned down. While not as popular of destination as Old Frisco these days, Newhouse does require a visit. The town area was quite large and many old relics can be found with a metal detector or just plain eyesight. On our journey there, we discovered the perfect purple opium bottle stopper just walking around. So, when you visit Old Frisco, save a little time to go around the mountain to Newhouse and enjoy a visit there.