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Mount Logan Trail, Utah

Cache County

One of the fun trails in the Cache Valley I haven't covered yet is the Mount Logan Trail. Years ago it was one of the more difficult trails in the area. The final climb to the top was up an incredibly steep, loose boulder covered road. It was quite challenging back then. But, as we all know, everything changes. The Forest Service went in and totally redid the road making it not so much of a challenge. You can still find mud on the trail on occasion but the rock crawling adventure it once was is gone. According to what I have read, this is the only peak in the Bear River Range that has a road to the top. There is good reason for that because there is some sort of radar/radio tower on the peak itself. The trail is very popular and someone even placed  mailbox on the summit as a joke. You are sitting at 9714' at the top and from there the views are incredible. There are 4 ways to get to the top. By taking Left or Right Hand Fork you meet in about the middle and take the marked trail east and go up and over the first little range to the base of the Mount Logan road. This road can also be reached by going up Millville Canyon as well as Providence Canyon trails. The easiest route would be Right Hand Fork to the top. Most challenging is up Providence Canyon. I have been to the top numerous times and find partly cloudy days to be the best. The clouds put on quite the show at sunset and its a sight worth seeing. Always keep an eye out for the ATV's on the trail. There are a lot of blind corners and they seem to think they are invincible.

Mount Logan