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Lucin Utah and the Sun Tunnels 

Box Elder County

Lucin Utah was a former railroad town of the Central Pacific. The town began life as a waster stop for trains of the Central Pacific. When the railroad abandoned the tracks going through the Promontory mountains and built a trestle across the lake, Lucin was moved 10 miles south to its present location. The area has a few dugouts left as well as old concrete phone booths and the pond that was used for water. 

Lucin, Utah

Located just south and east of Lucin are the world famous sun tunnels. Artist Nancy Holt constructed the tunnels in 1976.. The are aligned with the sun on the solstice, both winter and summer. On the solstice day, the sun will come up in alignment with one tunnel and go down in the other. In the roof of the tunnels are cut outs tht show the constellations on that day. With the location chosen, just head south out of Lucin and look to the southeast. The tunnels are easily seen. 

Sun Tunnel fotos