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Lakeside Mountains/Monarch Mine

Tooele and Box Elder Counties

Information on the Monarch Mine is hard to come by. Part of the Lakeside Mining District, The Monarch Mine is mysterious in a way. It was big enough that a stamp mill was built right by it but there were really no signs of a town or even cabins. The map below shows what is inside of the Monarch, but I don't know how accurate it is. The site I borrowed the map from show 2 additional mines in the area. It also shows Marblehead which has its own page on this site. The site says that there was gold , silver and lead along with other assorted minerals. Another site claims that copper was the mined mineral of choice. It also lists the operating years as 1916 to 1919. The hard part of this one to research is that there are other mines named Monarch. The predominate one is listed as being above Provo and zinc was its main ore. Another source says the mine began work in 1871 so who really knows? I will say this much about it. It is an interesting place to visit. The old mines along with the odd rock formations and wildlife in the area make for a great place to spend the day exploring. The easiest access is gained by taking I-80 to exit 62 and going north into the mountain range. Follow any of the dirt roads and see where they take you.

Monarch Mine fotos