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La Plata, Utah

Cache County

Back in 1891, a shepherd tending to his flocks encountered an odd rock. The rock was heavy and had a metallic look to it. He, as the story goes, gave the rock to his boss who took it to Ogden to have it assayed. According to records, the rock was 45% lead and the silver inside that was concentrated to 400 ounces per ton. The two filed a claim and before they knew what was happening, a small rush of miners headed to the area, located in southern Cache County. Other ore was found and mining began in earnest. A small town sprung up and La Plata was born. Stories told say La Plata was a different type of town. Unlike other western mining towns, La Plata never had a murder nor a cemetery. Quite a change from other mining towns of the era. The rush lasted through the summer and due to its location, the town shrunk from a high of 1500  or so down to 150. Winter there was and is very harsh. Come the summer of 1892, some men returned to the town to continue the mining effort. It wasn't long till it was played out and along with at least 2 lawsuits the town was pretty much shut down. Some work did continue mining lead but that was over and done by 1894. It is one of two mines in the area. The other is northeast a few miles and honestly I have no idea what came out of it. La Plata resides on private property and is posted as not trespassing. The main entrance comes off of highway 39 right below the snowmobile parking lot and the road across Ant Flats. Another entrance from Scare Canyon is also gated. These fotos are from 1988. We found a back door into the site and took some fotos. Be aware! ATV's are outlawed on the property so if you do get lucky and find the back door, don't be riding one. It's a dead give-a-way that you are not supposed to be there.

La Plata

The trail to the back door passes lone cabin in a meadow. Due to weather, time and vandalism, the cabin no longer exists. These were taken in the late 80's also. 

the old cabin