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Harker Canyon

Tooele County, Utah

Harker Canyon is located in southern Tooele County in the Sheeprock Mountain Range. Previously unknown to me, the idea of exploring this canyon came from none other than Kirt Womak. History tells us that it was his great great great and maybe even one more great grandfather was the namesake to this canyon. In the early years of the Mormon population in the Utah Territory, his grandfather would take his herd of sheep from the Salt Lake Valley and spend the summer in what is now known as Harker Canyon. The canyon is located south of present day Vernon Utah some 6 miles. The canyon is now under the jurisdiction of various government entities due to the heavy metal contamination in the small creek that flows down the canyon. There has been some past mining in the canyon for valuable ore and we did find one of these mines. There was possibly more in the upper reaches of the canyon but due to a big rock, lots of mud and a grove of trees, Old Yellow couldn't get up to the end of the canyon. The canyon is deceiving in that it takes on the appearance of a desert mountain at the bottom,  but as you follow the road up the canyon it turns quite lush and green. It was cloudy on Memorial Day, 2015 and there had been a lot of rain. The canyon was very pretty and fun to explore.  

Harker Canyon

On, there is rumor of an old mining camp in the canyon. A post script on the page says it is 2 miles west of Harker Canyon. Unable to reach the top, it is unknown whether there is more buildings up at the end of the canyon or the camp really is 2 miles to the west. Be that said, we went east instead of west and found more mines and more incredible scenery. We did get to where Holly's F-150 couldn't go further and called it a day. She is no longer a wheeling virgin due to the trail damage she did. She wiped out her running board as well as her antenna. But I think she has caught the exploring fever and wants to continue on. The mine we found at the top of the canyon was collapsed with ore cart tracks coming out. I would bet that there are ore carts just waiting to be rescued in the mine. I will return! We finished the day by following various trails that led to Vernon reservoir and then home. 

UPDATE: The big mine and buildings are located west of Harker canyon up North Oak Brush Canyon. The road is fairly descent and you can follow it to the top. There is a side road near one of the old buildings that isn't in the best of shape. See our page on North Oak Brush Canyon for more info. 

Sheeprock Mountains

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