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Governor Basin

Ouray County, Colorado

Governor Basin is a side trail off of the Yankee Boy Basin trail. Instead of going strait up the trail, the Governor Basin trail turns left off of Yankee Boy and heads up in a southerly direction. The trail is rated by some between a 4 and 5 which is about average. The trail does have some steep drop offs and is narrow in spots but the trip to the top is worth it. The trail also offers some spectacular views and again, during the spring, the flowers in bloom will amaze you.

Views from Governor Basin

The big mine that sent miners up into Governor Basin was the Revenue-Virginius mine. The mine was a big producer and was recently purchased by the  Canadian company Fortune Minerals Ltd. They have begun to re-work the old mine and have changed its name to the Revenue Silver mine. The mine made the news in 2013 when 2 miners were killed by CO2 poisoning. According to the article, the company plans to run 400 tons of ore a day. I guess this means I will have to return to Ouray and check it out. 

Mining fotos