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Fort Deseret, Utah

Millard County

Located just south of Deseret, Utah you will find an old fort named Deseret.  The fort is on the southern end of the small community just off of highway 257. The fort was built in 1865 during the Black hawk war with the local Indian tribes. The tribes were lead by Ute Chief Black Hawk and included the Utes, the Southern Paiute and Apache tribes. Over the course of the 7 year war, there were approximately 150 interactions between the Indians and the white settlers, the majority being Mormons. The U S Army was involved with the Civil War at the time and informed the settlers in the town of Deseret that they needed to take of themselves. With that being said, the town constructed an adobe fort with 10 foot high walls. Wikipedia lists the size as 550 square feet but I call that wrong. Just using the fotos I took, I would say it is closer to 55000 square feet. Considering it is 154 years old and made of mud and straw, it has held up to time and nature quite well. According to history, the fort served its purpose and allowed secure negotiations for a peaceful settlement to hostilities. The fort has quite a bit of parking and there is no fee to visit. 

Fort Deseret