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Flinders Road, Utah

Juab County, Simpson Mountain Range

Welcome to the newest adventure of This adventure picks up where we last left off, the Simpson Mountains. Information on this trip is going to be bare bones. We were lucky just to find the name of the road. And to be honest, it was on an old set of topo maps I downloaded. Flinders road is the 2nd road going east from the mouth of Death Canyon. You will know you are on the right road if you don't end up back in Dry Canyon. Finders runs north and climbs in altitude. It is nowhere near as large as Dry Canyon, but it has some pretty cool stuff in it. The first mine name could not be located so we will call it mine 1 just because I am the boss. Mine 1 shows a road to it on older maps but none on newer ones. And the newer ones are right, to a point. I drove to it but you must realize I have a modified Jeep built to do stuff like this. So be forewarned. Hike it or risk some damage. Also, you have to see it before you can get to it. Look east and if you are paying attention you might see the top section of the headframe. We did spot it cuz we knew where to look. Then we spent the next hour trying to figure out how to get there. It was a fun trail. I wanted to film it but my Iphone refused to talk to the Sony action cam so it didn't happen. But I did fix that problem today so we are good to go next time. This mine has a cool building with a headframe built in. It is made of railroad ties and in pretty good shape. The ore was pulled out of the mine on a 75° angle and dumped right there. There are other buildings that have collapsed in the area as well as more mines. According to the naming map, somewhere up the mountain between 3 and 400 feet is a sizable tunnel. We will return to find it. The entrances are all open but the few I saw went strait down. Explore this area with caution. 

Special thanks to reader Robert Wimmer for correctly naming this road. My eyes saw Finders when it was actually Flinders. 

Mine 1

Further up the road you will run into mine 2. Now, the road is an actual loop so skip the first part of the mine and continue up the road. You will return to it as you follow the road. You will pass somewhat of a modern cabin on the west side of the road  amongst the trees. It says no trespassing  and we didn't go look at it. So, just after the temptation of the mine that will be on the left, you'll come to a trashed truck on your right. It belonged to Lucky Auto Parts, wherever it was. They either thought it was cool to throw away in the mountains or someone stole it and ditched it. Whatever it was, the poor beast has been stripped of anything of value. It would be a blast to restore it if you could find parts. I couldn't even tell what the make was. Any ideas anyone???  Just past the truck  you come to 3 buildings that were living quarters. At one point they had an electric fridge up there so there was electricity there once, or a generator to power it. The stoves we found were propane powered. The area is really grown over so watch your step exploring or you might find a stray nail.  The road curves left after the house and you climb up a grade and end up on a huge tailings pile. The mine is collapsed, but I really wonder if it was the only one. The piles are huge and the mine really looks unremarkable. You will see a foto of whats left and you can judge for yourself. You will drive across the tailings and go down the opposite side and end up at the mine you saw on the way up. This mine has a collapsed house near the entrance an other structures that still stand. This mine is shut too but there is a water pipe coming out of the rubble that is still flowing water. At one time they had it piped to a storage tank but it no longer is connected. With the water coming out, the area in front of the mine has become a marsh more or less. Again for the amount of tailings, the mine just doesn't look like it was that big. That is the end of the road and all that is left to do is drive down to the bottom of the canyon. Remember people, explore aware!

Mine 2