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Fish Springs Range

Juab County, Utah

The Fish Spring Range is on the Pony Express Trail and became a big deal on the latest trip out to the PET. Not even thinking about the area left us a wee bit unprepared for what we found. On the west side of the mountain there are mines everywhere. We even found one that was accessible. The majority of the mines are way up the mountain and locked behind a gate. It appears from what we could see is that there is still some active mining going on. And by the size of some of the tailings piles, the mines have to be huge. Needless to say, this new discovery will require some major research and more visits to see what is out there. Fish Springs Wildlife Refuge is on the east side of the mountain range and the small, and I mean small community of Callao is to the west. No services are available in Callao, but, I caught what looked like a small self-service gas area and stupid me didn't stop to investigate it further. So, if you go, go with lots of water and extra fuel and a full charged camera battery.

Fish Spring Range