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Eureka, Utah

Juab County

The story goes like this: Mormon sheppard out tending flocks in what was to become the Tintic mountains finds an incredible sample of silver ore. He reports this find to his bishop who then informs Mormon leader Brigham Young. Young, of course, was not impressed and told the man to worry about his sheep and not the silver. Time passes to 1869 and another young cowboy camps in the spot and finds the lode. Not a follower of Brigham Young, the man and his friends stake a claim on the area, known then as Ruby Hollow, and the rest is history as they say. Legend says that the first ore assayed showed $1500 to the ton. That is a lot of silver. By 1871 miners cabins were all over the Ruby Hollow area. 500 claims were filed and before you know it, a town had risen up. The town remained unincorporated until 1892 when it became Eureka. Again, as with most mining towns, the town grows and then disappears when the ore is all gone. Eureka is an exception to that rule. The town never died and still has some 600+ people living there now. Every year in August they celebrate the Tintic sliver festival. They  have a parade and do tours of various historic points in the area. Speaking of in the area, there are some true ghost towns in the vicinity that are fun to visit. Fact is, I know of a garbage dump that has been producing bottles over the last 20 years. Each spring we go down to rummage through the sagebrush to find the treasures. Word of caution though, the area is loaded with ticks. Make sure you check yourself after a visit through the sagebrush. I can almost guarantee you will have one or two on you. As for exploring the area, pick a trail and follow it. You should be able to find the ruins of Mammoth, Silver City and Diamond fairly easy. Most of the roads are decent but after storms they can get really ugly. I usually go down and spend the night at the local B&B. The Tintic Goldminers Inn is a fabulous place to stay. She offers dinner that is incredible for a few extra bucks so I recommend that you do that. The town had a brand new diner on our last visit. We had lunch there and it was pretty darn good too.   

Fotos of the Eagle and Blue Belle mine

The area around Eureka is a great place to explore. Every trail leads to something new and interesting. There is a lot of private property so respect the signs and keep out. Also, the mines of Eureka are not typical mines. The veins of ore meander through the mountain and there are many open pits so EXPLORE AWARE!


Tintic Goldminers InnTintic Goldminers InnTintic Goldminers Inn

331 Beck Street

Eureka, Utah 84628