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Dry Canyon

Tooele County, Oquirrh Mountain Range


Dry Canyon is the original toll road built to service the towns of Jacob City and Gisbourne. Over the years, the trail had grown over quite a bit and if you wanted to take it, you had to be prepared to incur some scratches on your vehicle and yourself. In the past few years though, Tooele County has come in and now marked it as an ATV trail. I don't let that stop me though and I usually run it at least once a year. In years past, I have met with some funny questions when I arrive at the top in Jacob City. 

dude: Did  you just drive up that road?

me: no I had a helicopter drop me off.

dude: do you think I could take my ATV down that trail?

me: I just brought a full size Jeep up it so there really shouldn't be any problem.

dude thinking so hard smoke is coming out his ears: I don't know. I'd better not chance it!

me: whatever.

These types of conversations have happened numerous times. I once looked the trail up on Google to see what was said. A gentleman form one forum was so excited about this new trail he said he would report back on the condition. In his return report he stated that they went 200 yards up the trail and then decided it was too extreme for their skill level. In the videos below, we start at the bottom and go all they way to the top. It was filmed with a grumpy GoPro so that's the reason it is in 4 segments. Damn camera works when it want to and will shut off at anytime. Anyway, it is a narrow trail in spots and there are a few areas where the trees could possibly scratch your vehicle, but it really isn't as bad as people say it is. Would I take a full size F-250 long bed up it? Probably not, though it can be done. Short wheelbase vehicles like Jeeps work best and its a great ride to the top. So you can find the trail, the longitude and latitude are as follows. These are from my GPS so they are not guaranteed.

40°22'23.94" n    112°17'28.53" w