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Consumers Road mines

Coal City

Back in the year 1885, Coal City was being established as a farming community.  The town was originally called Oak Springs Bench when first settled. Farming in this community was difficult due to the altitude at which the town was situated. The town sat right at 7000'  which makes for shorter growing season. Soon after settlement, coal was discovered and a small mining operation began. Great Western Coal Mines Company owned the claim and kept it small at first due to lack of transportation of the coal once mined.  In 1921, the town was officially surveyed and platted. At the same time, Oak Springs Bench became Coal City and the town was born. A school was built along with other things but due to the tiny population, the town didn't need a lot. At its peak, it was recorded that 70 people made up the town.  In 1926, the mine superintendent was arrested on fraud charges. He was proven innocent in the end but the episode led to the bankruptcy of the company who halted operations that same year. The resilient town limped on but began a major decline in 1936. By 1940, the town was gone. The town is easy to find but is located om WMA Lands. It is accessible and stairs are provided to get over the fence. No motor vehicles are allowed in these areas so be prepared to walk a bit to see the town.    

Coal City


Located in the Gordon Valley, coal was discovered in 1908. No mining began on this coal until the early 20's by a man named Arthur Gibson. Gibson worked the mine a few years before becoming incorporated under the name Consumers Mutual Coal Company. At this same time, what once had been called Gibson, after the man himself, was changed to Consumers and became an official city. An interesting distinction of the Consumer mine was the fact that they were the first coal company in Utah to remove coal from the mine by a conveyor system and not mine cars. With the company running well, Gibson sold out to the Blue Blaze Coal Company. The mine closed in 1938 until ownership changed again to the Hudson Coal Company. They mined it and by the late 40's, they too were done. But, there is some activity up in that area so it might be making a comeback. On another note, where the town is and where my GPS said it was were 2 different ideas. Thus, we have no up to date fotos of the area. I am sorry for that. I need to procure a satellite phone with web access so I don't have these problems anymore.  For the most part, coal mining on Consumer road is over. I have shared some fotos of a modern operation that is there but appears to be shut down also. I really wish I would have been able to go into the area and look at things up close.  Things like this fascinate me.  

A modern ghost town of sorts