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City of Rocks, Idaho

Cassia County

City of Rocks National Reserve is located just across the Utah/Idaho border in southern Idaho. The area is part of the California Trail of the 1840's and 50's. Pioneers crossing the plains left the Raft River Valley and passed through the area now known as City of Rocks. As they passed through the area, many of the emigrants left their names and initials using axle grease on what has been named Register Rock. I did not get a foto of Register Rock when I was there many years ago, but I will return soon and post it. It has been a long time since I last visited, so long that these fotos below were taken using film! The rock formations in the park are comparable to the formations found in the Devils Playground. They are not as "extreme" as the Playground, but the similarity is obvious. If you ever visit Boston Terrace out in the Newfoundland Mountains in Utah, this same rock structure is found on the northern tip of the range then disappears. The National Park Service has a web site dedicated to the City of Rocks. You can access it here...................

City of Rocks

June 3, 2017

So, I took some time to return to City of Rocks today for a fun little day trip. We traveled to the park using the back door. We went up over the mountains on small farm roads and had a great time getting there. The weather was perfect and it really doesn't get much better than it was today. Going into the trip today, I was more informed on what to look for and where these sights were. There are 2 rock formations with old pioneer graffiti so be sure to visit both. Also, if you are into climbing, this place is for you. There were people climbing everywhere. Some, well, all of it looked crazy to me. I have a hard time imagining myself dangling from a rope 100 feet in the air. But, for those of you who enjoy that kind of adventure, this is the place. There are many campsites in the park and of course, all of them were filled. There are restroom facilities throughout the park so that was never an issue. There are also a ton of hiking trails there and I wish I could tell you more about them but it ain't gonna happen. I am too old and worn out to be out hiking. So, if you are ever in the area, stop by the visitors center in Almo Idaho, get one of their free guide maps and have a fun time exploring this cool place. 

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