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Chicken Rock Area

Juab County, Utah

Located southwest of Eureka, Utah, the Chicken Rock area is an old mining area as well as a notable rock formation that looks like a chickens head. In the both times I have been out there, I have yet to be 100% satisfied I was actually looking at the rock formation itself. I think I was there.... but ya, who knows. You can access the area by taking the Cherry Creek Road which begins just south of Eureka, near the Tintic Junction. It was a fairly decent road on both of my trips out there and i wouldn't foresee any hard 4x4 off roading unless there was rain or snow, or you venture off on one of the steep side trails. There are spots where you could pitch a tent or even park a trailer and explore the area. There are some interesting sights and the area is huge. 

Chicken Rock fotos