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Black Pine Mine, Idaho

As near as I can tell, the Black Pine Mine remained hidden until the late 1980's and early 1990's. The main ore was gold with silver and other precious metals included as well. Owned at the time by Pegasus Gold, production went into full swing in 1992. The work continued until the company declared bankruptcy in 1998. This page will be a work in production as I find out more about the mine and the people who worked it. This mine is located in Cassia County and is north-west of Stone Idaho. It can be reached by going to stone and going north to 9000 south. Turn west and follow this road under I-84 and continue till  you reach the mountain. It can also be reached by taking Highway 30 out of Snowville and following that road until you see the Black Pine Road sign.  We went in off of 30 and went out via 9000 south and both roads were fairly good. The mine was an open pit design and there are some really big holes in the mountain. Like I said, this was a side trip on our way home from City of Rocks so I need to return and do further exploration. We did come across some locked gates on a couple of trails so we couldn't follow them in the Jeep. There wasn't much to see in the way of structures or buildings. We saw 3 old tanks of some sort and a shipping container. If you do go, be mindful that there could be a huge pit just over the hill you cannot see so , as we like to say, EXPLORE AWARE!

Black Pine Mine