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Ashbrook Mining District

Box Elder County, Utah

Located in north-west Box Elder county, the Ashbrook Mining District was a small area of silver producing mines. I just discovered this area, so it will be a page under construction until I can see all there is to see out there. So far, we have located 3 mines, 2 of which are very small and 1 large one that had its own stamp mill. Stay tuned and I will add more to this page as time goes on. I will say that it is a very pretty area and I recommend that you see it before it, like the others out there, disappear. 

The Peg Leg Mine

The Peg leg Mine was a silver producer that has long since passed on. As more is discovered I will add more details.

The Dolly Clark Mine

The Dolly Clark mine was tiny. We didn't make it up to the mine, but it's the only one in the area. Again, more research is needed to see what when and where happened here.

The Vipont Mine and Phelan Tunnel

Part of the Vipont mine, the Phelan Tunnel was constructed to aid in ore removal from the mine itself. I am not sure as to if this was a part of the Vipont mine or not. Information is very limited. We do know that it was under construction as of April 30, 1922. It supposedly was to run into the mountain 2000 feet and then head up and down into the silver ore vein. 

Update: I returned to the area to follow more trails and came across these new discoveries, one of which is an active mine. The active mine is the Skoro mine. I have been in contact with the owner and have permission to check it out. I must add that the Vipont is marked no trespassing. The owners have also destroyed cabins 1 and 2.  A great narrative on the Vipont can be read at the following link.



New fotos

I was recently contacted by a gentleman named Jeff Roche. His grandfather, M.A. Roche was one of the head honchos at the Vipont mine from 1919 to 1923, when the silver price collapse destroyed the mining business for silver. He sent me some great fotos that show what the area and mine once looked like. He also sent a numerous other fotos that have yet to be identified. You can see them on the M.A. Roche page. 

M.A. Roche collection