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Old Frisco was one of the best preserved ghost towns last time I was there. I will say right now it has been probably 15 years since I was there. A lot of info I have read said it was opened again to mining, but I cannot say if it is true. So, that being said, here are some highlights of my last visit. I would like to return this year and see whats left. These charcoal kilns are on the national historic register. I can't remember how many there are but the majority were in great shape.

If I recall right, or maybe left, this was the house of the mine superintendent. It sat away from the mine and was kind of by itself. The town went down hill after the cave in in 1885. The mine at that time was more of a trench and it collapsed right at shift change, so no one was hurt 

The mine became a traditional one after the cave in and began to remove ore via it's new elevator system. The mines continued until 1911 when the rich ore ran out. 

With mining over, the town became ghost. Not everything has survived, but a lot has and its quite the place to walk through and see history past. 

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