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Located some 40 miles southeast of Wendover, Gold Hill is not quite a true ghost town yet. Settled in the 1870's, Gold Hill has had as many lives as a cat and refuses to die out completely. Gold hill was efficient too. Ore would come out of the ground......

It would then be sent to the rocker mill to be crushed into a fine powder like substance.

After the mill, the raw ore was taken to a giant shaker table where the gold was separated out from the powdery mixture. This shaker is right below the mill and has everything left to produce. Too bad it has decayed into worthless scrap.

One great mystery of Gold Hill was this machine. Made by Tate-Jones of Pittsburgh around 1900, this machine is unknown in it's function. Inquiries to BOTH Tate-Jones companies turned up nada. Penn State also became involved with no further answers. As of my last visit there, the machine had been taken and is no longer there.  

Gold Hill