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Gold Hill Utah

Tooele County

Located in far western Tooele County, Gold Hill is a town that refuses to die. Gold was originally discovered there in 1858 by some emigrants on the trail to California. Indians prevented any serious mining at that time so the area was undisturbed until the 1870's. At the same time, another town south of Gold Hill was booming. The town was Clifton and men from there went into the Gold Hill area to mine. Gold Hill stayed slow until some major strikes occurred. Mines named Copper Queen and Alvorado  among others began producing big time. Money was being made and the town grew bigger. Like all other mining towns, after a good decade of work, the mines were done. Miners left and the town slowly died. But, enter world war 1 and there was a resurrection. It seems that the miners had run into a lot of arsenic as a waste product of the mines. With the poison gas bombs being used over in Europe, a sudden need for arsenic brought the town back to life. The population increased up to 1500 people and a rail line was built south from Wendover to expedite the delivery of arsenic. The boom lasted as long as the war did so the town was soon almost abandoned. The last train left Gold Hill in 1938, never to return. In 1940, the rails were torn up for scrap. But, enter world war 2. Another need for arsenic brought the town back to life. Though not as big as before, the revival kept the town alive for the period of the war. Once over, the town began to die. The school closed its doors in 1946 and the Post Office in 1949.  As for what goes on there now, who really knows. Last I heard was they got mail 3 times a week. So there is still life there. The area is so desolate that noise carries on forever. I have pulled into town and got out to explore some of the ruins and I have heard voices. They sat and talked about what we were doing. It is a very odd feeling. I did see one man once. He exited his house, got firewood and went back inside. It has been a while since I was there so I'm thinking it might be time to go back. 

Gold Hill