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Originally known as Ruby Hollow, Eureka became an incorporated town in 1892. The Tintic mining district was established much earlier in 1869. Eureka itself is not considered a ghost town, but the in mountains surrounding it you can find quite a few. On the hill east of the town lies the head frame of the Eagle mountain mine. If you look close, you can see steam rising out of the shaft. My grandfather worked in this mine in the early 1920's 

In the hills around the town, many trails lead to long abandon mines, while others lead to cemeteries, old mine camps and even a few active mine operations. The mine shown here operated till the early 70's when an underground fire burned out all the mine support beams. We were told by an old miner that he ia watching this area sink lower year by year. He expects it to collapse in on itself soon.

Life was hard in the old mining camps. The Steele family is one that suffered quite a bit of bad luck.

Fotos of the Eureka area.

The area around Eureka is a great place to explore. Every trail leads to something new and interesting. There is a lot of private property so respect the signs and keep out. Also, the mines of Eureka are not typical mines. The veins of ore meander through the mountain and there are many open pits so EXPLORE AWARE!