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Poughkeepsie Gulch is a great trail ride just south of Ouray Colorado. Engineer Pass is a Jack of all trades road due to the fact it can take you to Engineer Pass, Poughkeepsie Gulch and Animas Forks. Reading what others have written, I tend to agree that it is probably the most difficult trail in the area. It has some rock-crawling, a huge mud-hole at the beginning of the trail going up to the gulch and it has the Wall. I am sitting here trying to remember if there are any old mining structures on the trail and I believe there are none. There are a few mines, but that's all I can recall. The trail from the highway is known as Engineer Pass and Poughkeepsie is a side trail off of the main trail. You can join the California Gulch trail from the top of Poughkeepsie so it isn't a one road in and one road out trail. The trail offers some great views as well as some fun challenges when it is wet, especially the Wall.  

Engineer Pass

If you go back the same way you came and continue up the Engineer Pass trail you come to what is known as Mineral point ghost town. It is an interesting place to visit and take fotos of the past. The town was founded in 1873 and last approximately 20 years producing ore.  

Mineral Point

Last but not least is this dumb-ass. The trail coming up from Animas Forks is fairly easy. It is not uncommon to see cars at the ghost town. This guy thought his Subaru could go anywhere, until the dreaded flat tire got him. He asked if he could make it to Ouray and we just laughed. The undersized spare and the total lack of ground clearance kind of ruined his day. Explore Aware.... know your limitations and don't press your luck. It could be a long hike out for help!