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Located at the extreme southern end of the Simpson Mountains, Death Canyon is home to many old mines. Years ago, there were buildings up and down the canyon, but according to stories I have read in researching this area, the BLM or the Forest Service burned them all to the ground. As you drive up the canyon mines begin to appear at road level and others are near the top of the mountain. Access is fairly easy to the few we visited up close and personal while others would require a better fit person than I happen to be at this time. Being so secluded, what is left is in fairly good shape. We even found evidence that some of the mines are now under new....... ownership, for lack of a better word. Claims have been staked and I would be willing to bet someone will begin to mine again soon. As for why it is called Death Canyon, I do not know. Records don't even say exactly what they were mining there. The mines are very similar to the mines at Eureka. The veins go every which way and don't follow any direction for very long. Though we only spent a few hours there, we collected 4 bottles and a ton of fotos. 

Death Canyon