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Boston Terrace Utah is located in the Newfoundland Mountains in Box Elder County. The town was founded by Swedish immigrants in the 1860's. The group built houses and mined the area until discovering their agent had stole all of their money. They never returned to their town. 

Other miners soon descended into miner's basin and worked the claims till 1905, when they were lured away to a bigger strike closer to civilization. 

Today, not a lot remains to be seen. There are the 2 stone cabins and a few pieces of machinery left. There are a few surprises if you are lucky enough to see them...... 

Boston Terrace and the Newfoundland Mountains

The north end of the Newfoundland Mountains has very similar rock formations that you find in the Devils Playground as well as City of the Rocks in Idaho. It covers just the northern tip then the rock and geography change to a different type of rock.