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Located at the top of Red Mountain Pass, the Black Bear Pass trail winds its way over the mountain to Telluride, Colorado. The trail was made famous in a C W McCall song "Black Bear Road in the early 70's. The perceived attitude of the trail is one of fear and or craziness. The sign at the trail head even states this. 

The climb up to the top is fairly easy and very scenic. There are numerous areas to stop and shoot fotos of all the incredible views.  At the top, the view is awesome. This foto looks back on Red Mountain.

From the top, the trail now goes down hill on its way to Telluride. Since I did not own the Go Pro at my last visit, my only video is hand  held and not the greatest. Youtube has some good high quality videos you can watch, my favorite being Bill and Effies  adventure. It makes me laugh. At a point just above the staircase, the trail becomes one-way going down. From that point on is where Black Bear Pass gets its reputation.

The top of the pass to the stairs

Once past the stairs, you begin the trip down the mountain. To do so, you will have to use 26 or 27 switchbacks.  Towards the bottom they are are easy, but the first 7 or 8 will require 1 to 3 forward, reverse, forward reverse...... you get the idea.

Switchback fotos

There wasn't a lot of fotos of the switchbacks, sorry. I usually am alone on this trail so i don't get a chance to take any fotos. Now, that being said, I must offer my opinion here. Black Bear Pass is only dangerous if you are stupid. Stock vehicles can make this run with ease. There is really nothing hardcore. BUT, you have to think and plan your every move. Sam did BBP in her stock Unlimited JK. She took her time, looked ahead and did it at a pace she chose. It is a wee bit scary your first time but if you think and plan each move, you can do it. Sam did it and I couldn't have been prouder. Maybe next trip I will take more fotos of the switchbacks.