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One of the best things to ever happen to me was being able to save numerous fotos that my grandfather took during his years as a miner. He had decided that they were not worth keeping and had begun to toss them out. It was around this same time that my interest in ghost towns and old mining camps began to grow. Lucky for all of us, I was able to secure some classic old fotos from the Alta mining district as well as Bingham Canyon. I am sorry to say that I did not get the majority, but the ones I did save are now preserved for me and my family as well as those that read the pages of this web site.  Gramps began his mining career as a teen and stayed with it until he was 29, at which point he gave up mining and moved to California. He had followed the advice of the advisers at University of Utah and graduated with a degree in mining engineering and landed a job at the US mine located in Bingham Canyon. He remained there until my mother turned 4 and made the decision that a mining camp was no place to raise a family. He moved to California and became a highly successful insurance salesman. I only wish I could have saved all of the fotos. They show Bingham Canyon as it once was, surrounded by 9000' mountains. Today, the area is a hole in the ground now known as Kennicott Copper. I hope you enjoy these fotos as much as I do.

Bingham Canyon-US mine

Most of the posed fotos were taken on either July 4th or Christmas day. Normal operations did not allow for the taking of pictures. Mine workers moved all shift long so it would have been impossible to get quality fotos like this. My grandfather worked in 4 mining districts during his career. I was lucky enough to visit one in Park City and tour it. I have been to the entrance of one in Eureka, seen one from afar at Alta and seen the hole from above at Kennicott.